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Making meals in reusable containers more accessible

Making meals in reusable containers more accessible

We are so humbled by all of the support we’ve received from the Melbourne community and our local cafes this year. We truly believe meals in reusable containers are the way of the future and we want to make this possible for more Melburnians. We’re excited to announce that we are opening up delivery to non-members through our new free membership option. 

There are now two ways to enjoy waste-free meal delivery - so we can offer the community more choice and flexibility:

As a Free Member:

    • Order from the collection of meals in your area, when you choose, at no monthly fee 
    • Simply order and pay for your meals, as well as a flat $5 fee for drop off, container collection and wash-up.

    As a Paid Member:
      • Become a member for $5.99 per month
      • Order from our weekly member’s emails, containing meal options at members-only prices
      • Enjoy free delivery of your meals, as well as free collection of the containers and wash-up.  

      Thank you helping us drive meaningful change in the way takeaway is done - we are so grateful for everyone’s efforts in making waste-free meal delivery a thing!

      Please contact the team if you have any questions or would like to chat about ordering or memberships.

      The Noa and Parker Team

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