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How long do I have to return a cup or container?

Members have up to four (4) days to return the cup(s) and/or container(s) to a location partner to be washed. This keeps them moving in the circular economy and diverting single-use waste from our landfills and oceans.

How do I return my used cups and containers?

Simply drop the cup(s) and/or container(s) back to the cafe staff within four (4) days. They will scan them back in removing them from your account.

What happens if I don’t return a cup or container?

We provide our members with plenty of email alerts notifying them that they need to return the cup(s) and/or container(s) to the location partner. However, if after the 4 day period the cup(s) and/or container(s) have not been scanned back in, Noa and Parker will charge the credit card connected to your account a re-stocking fee of $9.99 per item.

Are your cups and containers microwave safe?

No, the scannable Noa and Parker tag on the side of our cup and container holds a small amount of metal. This can’t go in the microwave as it will damage your machine.

Are Noa and Parker cups and containers dishwasher friendly?

Yes, all Noa and Parker cups and containers are dishwasher safe.

Do I have to wash Noa and Parker cups and containers before I return them?

No need to wash. One of the great parts of being a member is that our partners will wash your cups and containers once you have returned them. However, if you would like to give them a quick rinse before returning, the staff always appreciate it.

How many cup(s) and/or container(s) do I have access to at one time under my membership?

All members have access to two cup(s) and/or container(s) on their account with unlimited returns.

What happens if the location runs out of cups or containers?

The magic of our scan in and out technology means we know when a café is running low on cups and can re-stock before they’re out.

What is your cancellation policy?

You can cancel your membership at any time. Simple return all cups that are borrowed against your account and email the team to confirm you would like to cancel.

How do I get my local/ favourite café to participate?

We love meeting new café owners and their staff. You can nominate a café via our website

Can I buy a noa and parker cup outright without having a membership?

We do not sell noa and parker cups, there are already many great options on the market. Our cups are available to borrow when you forget your own. That way, you are never without a cup.

For any other questions, please contact the team via email -