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Our Story

Our Story



Some worrying statistics 

Three quarters of Australians rank plastic in our oceans and waste going to landfill amongst their top three environmental concerns, but only half feel that they’re doing enough to help solve the problem.

Our decades-long dependence on convenient single-use packaging has led to some unsettling facts:


Bad habits are leading to more waste

Until recently, sustainable takeaway packaging options at cafes and restaurants have been limited: the opportunity to bring your own packaging has been practically non-existent, and we’re all guilty of occasionally forgetting to wash and bring our reusable coffee cup to the café, only to take yet another non-recyclable paper cup, or purchasing another reusable cup on the spot, leading to more waste.


Building on the circular economy

A circular economy combines systems which aim to maximise value at each point in a product’s life, reducing the need for raw materials and cutting down on waste. Think of it as ‘borrow, use, return, repeat’ instead of ‘take, use, throw away’.


We’re for reducing unnecessary packaging waste… and looking good while doing it.

Noa and Parker was founded by Jeremy Kerrigan and Jonathan Lewis, two fathers that were tired of seeing more and more waste generated in foodservice settings.

With a vision of forging a better environmental future for their kids (the brand’s namesake), they set out to create a system that would encourage consumers “borrow for tomorrow” and reduce packaging waste. 

Blending their backgrounds in tech and hospitality, they developed a borrowable container system with a key twist: elegant, insulated stainless steel cups that could be borrowed straight from the café.

Jeremy and Jonathan believe it’s possible live a sustainable life without trading off on personal style.

Businesses and consumers alike have a responsibility to reduce landfill. Noa and Parker is a simple change you can make in your day to day, to be a bigger part of the solution.